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Sasha Samsonova
Bebe Rexha

Battling her personal monsters of anxiety and depression, Belle De Nuit 14karat Gold Diamond Onyx And Motherofpearl Choker one size Anissa Kermiche D5wSX
revisits her vices on her debut studio album, , released Friday.

It’s been a long time coming for Rexha to compile her own thoughts into an album she can call her own. After Thomas Sabo ring white DTR00287251448 Thomas Sabo PAneaz8
originally for her own debut album and instead delivering it to Womens Rustin Satchel Satchel Bulaggi VMB2rxh
and relinquishing her vocals to Charm Bracelet vibrant by VIDA VIDA tMEPMru
(“I just had a gut feeling that [Eminem] would relate to the spirit of the lyric, and my gut was correct”), she’s following her gut by pursuing an entire track list longer than an EP or a slew of remixes for “I Got You” first featured on her 2017 EP or her earliest single from 2014, “I Can’t Stop Drinking About You.”

The song secured the No. 31 spot on the Pop Songs chart that year and became her first charting single as a lead artist, a title Rexha usually doesn’t celebrate on her own. Now, sets out to extend the 28-year-old singer’s hand to her struggling fans in an empathetic move only executed by brutally honest lyrics.

Rexha's electro-pop tracks take listeners inside her therapy sessions, and house music beats encompass and comfort the “Sad” fans who relate to Rexha’s brokenhearted and open-book, open-bottle journey. Since her “I Can’t Stop Drinking About You” days, she spirals, crumbles, drowns and drinks for 14 self-medicating songs. Here are the six most intoxicating lyrics from Bebe Rexha’s .

1. “Shining Star”

She flips the script on the classic good girl-bad boy narrative for a tale of a girl with “drunken days” and “twisted dreams” who seems helpless. She’s drowning in an amnesic liquor that causes her a pain she likes, but the guy Rexha describes doesn’t abandon her in spite of her habits.

2. “Self Control”

Rexha extends a double entendre in her music: Intoxication refers to not only common vices of "cigarettes and alcohol,” but the inebriated feeling she gets when she's with the guy in the song. She compares herself to an animal in the song by way of losing control when it comes to love, which is often compared to drugs by its pull and potent sway over someone under its spell.

3. “Sad”

She tweeted part of the first verse on Sunday, and without the context of her latest track, it reads as a late-night thought socialized to seek understanding from outsiders. Love is not the only emotional force capable of making Rexha enter a “spiraling” conceit: Sadness carries just as much power, but the chorus speaks to a beacon of hope that the singer feels comfortable with her state. The five-beat electronic sequence playing against the verses assure listeners that her long-term intoxication with this type of way does not always require a cry for help.

4. “Mine”

The ninth track of ditches the electro-pop genre for a trap-pop production. This time around, Rexha inflates herself with the braggadocio common of male rappers and tells the story of a man infatuated with her, his desperation spilling over in the “sacred waters” of her love. She calls herself his “fetish” in the meta concoction of Rexha’s music: She’s constantly fixated on the idea that she’s intoxicated with her own emotions -- love, sadness -- but finally she’s taking the reins of who gets to feel more, in a similar way that she’s taking the reins of her music as a lead artist.

5. “Steady” feat. Guccify Yourself print silk scarf Gucci 3HRExhJ

Rexha treats listeners to another trap-pop delight, but the dark undertones contradict the slightly upbeat melody “Sad” ironically carries. The love she alongside featured artist Tory Lanez sing about is muddied by their alcohol and drug usage. Unlike ‘Shining Star” where she liked the pain, Rexha abuses her vices to ease her discomfort in a very reminiscent way that “I Can’t Stop Drinking About You” discusses drinking.

6. “Pillow”

The delicate piano medley paints a quaint picture of Rexha laying still in bed without her lover while clutching the spare pillow, the desolate feeling of his absence greeting her in the morning. She begs “I need a minute to breathe you in,” an image that can also be affiliated with inhaling a drug that produces that euphoric feeling she’s craving but is not satisfied with enough. It’s an obsession formulating with a petition (“I just gotta”) for his presence signaling she won’t stop asking for him until her thirst is quenched.

Do you ever sit in silence all aloneDrowned out by your thoughtsTrying to get a grip but just keep on spiraling downVoices getting loud

Carry cash when visiting remote areas.

Indonesia is located in an active seismic zone and is prone to a multitude of natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding, volcanic eruptions and drought.

Mount Agung

Due to an increase in the seismic activity of Mount Agung Volcano on the island of Bali, the airport in Bali was temporarily closed. It has re-opened since 2:30 p.m. local time on June 29, 2018 . The Banyuwangi and Jember Airports on the island of Java have also been closed. The ash cloud continues to shift and therefore may continue to disrupt air travel and cause airports to periodically close and re-open.

Consult the following websites for more information on Mount Agung’s and Bali airport's latest status:

Mount Sinabung

On February 19, 2018, Mount Sinabung volcano, in North Sumatra, began erupting, spewing ash and smoke above its peak. An evacuation order is in place within 3 km of the summit. Avoid the evacuated area and be ready to leave quickly upon recommendation from local authorities.

Ash clouds could disrupt air travel in the region. Contact your airline or tour operator to determine if the situation could affect your travel plans and monitor local media.

Indonesia has 129 active volcanoes and periodically experiences major volcanic events. The Indonesian Directorate of Volcanology monitors active volcanoes to ensure that residents are provided with an early warning should unusual activity occur. Alert levels can be raised and evacuations ordered on short notice.

Keep up to date with any developments if you are travelling close to active volcanoes and follow the instructions of local authorities. Consult the Geological Agency of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and National Disaster Management Authorityfor a list of volcanoes with elevated risk levels.

Paisley and horseprint silk scarf Etro 58TbAqx3
(Bahasa Indonesia, only)

National Disaster Management Authority (Bahasa Indonesia, only)

The rainy season extends from November to March, but heavy rains are common throughout the year. Flooding and landslides can occur with little warning, especially in remote areas where extensive deforestation is common, but also in major cities, including Jakarta. Such incidents have led to fatalities and destruction of property. Keep informed of regional weather forecasts as well as road closures or detours, avoid disaster areas and follow the advice of local authorities.

More about hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones and monsoons

Unrestricted burning in Sumatra and Kalimantan periodically causes atmospheric pollution (haze) to rise to unhealthy levels, especially from June to October. Monitor levels closely, as they change quickly.

In case of emergency, dial 110 for police.

Research and carry contact information for local medical facilities.


Afghanistan and Syria, which have been ravaged by war, come second and third, Somalia is fourth, while Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have been ranked fifth and sixth.

The United States, surprisingly, has been ranked 10th - and it's ranked third for sexual violence.

Bogus study alert.Thomson-Reuters Foundation ranks USA as 3rd worst country in WORLD for sexual violence, worse than Congo Pakistan. Methodology? It asked assorted gender experts for their “perceptions.” Sad to see such shoddiness ⁦ @TR_Foundation Mens Sunlite Trainers Skechers L5YQz1kqL

Silk Handkerchief Plaid pattern in various blue shades black and white Notch KEKE Notch SVJ2pOK

End of Twitter post by @CHSommers

In war-torn Syria, parents send daughters out of the country in droves to keep them safe. In Nigeria, Boko Haram abducts school girls. In Iraq, Yazidi women are made into sex slaves. And Thomson Reuters Foundation finds India the most unsafe for women. What a crooked fiction!

Tote Bag Antique Lemons Tote by VIDA VIDA xUDr9X

End of Twitter post by @eeta

"It's not about the ranking. Our society is ruled by misogyny and patriarchy," Zakia Soman, a women's rights activist who was also one of the experts surveyed, told the BBC.

"We need to take this survey in the correct spirit. We should look at it in a reflective way - where have we gone wrong as a society?"

She added that no-one expects women to have an easy life in countries such as Somalia or Saudi Arabia. But they do expect something more from a democracy like India.

Is it fair to compare India with countries such as Saudi Arabia, where women's rights are restricted?

"It is known that women in Saudi Arabia don't have much access to the public sphere in terms of rights," said Ms Verma. "But the fact that they have made driving legal for women just a few days ago is a sign of hope - to me, it shows that the country is changing and making progress within itself.

"So it is hard to compare that with India, but if we are to look inwards, we see that not much has changed."

But should that be a matter of opinion?

Mr Kumar says a better and more credible method would have been to group countries into categories and rank them within those categories.

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